iMeta SSI is a complete standing settlement instruction data management solution with support for Parent Counterparty and Trading Account data. It includes a variety of rich features which have been tried and tested by some of the biggest names in banking:

Includes a fully certified interface to Omgeo ALERT; enabling automation of SSI management and allowing straight through processing of SSI data to your settlement system(s). Our interface to Omgeo ALERT can also automate ALERT’s BIA cross reference process
By integrating iMeta SSI with your client onboarding process and settlement system(s), we can increase the automation of SSI management to deliver straight through processing. iMeta SSI has been successfully integrated into existing infrastructures using a variety of technologies
The status of an SSI message, once sent from iMeta SSI to your settlement system(s), can be fed back to the SSI management team; giving them early visibility of any problems encountered with storing that SSI downstream
iMeta SSI can accept trade settlement exception details and use these to create priority tasks for users
The centralised validation engine checks data quality from all sources throughout an SSI’s lifecycle. Over 300 market specific rules are shipped as standard, along with a rules editor; so you can maintain and create your own rule set
Includes comprehensive tools for managing a wide range of supporting data, such as countries, securities, settlement method and identifiers (e.g. SWIFT BIC, ABA, DTC IDs)
iMeta provides options to perform copy and paste, or clone operations on SSI data; saving time and reducing input errors
Highly configurable task workflow to fit your task management specifications e.g. Work queues can be tailored by business unit, product or target settlement system. The four eye approval process is also available as part of the task workflow configuration
Our expandable data model allows your company specific data attributes to be added to iMeta’s SSI model. Once included, these attributes become accessible within the validation and task workflow frameworks
iMeta SSI incorporates some of Microsoft Window’s workflow components; to enable powerful custom behaviour, including control of workflow tasks, auto repair and enrichment of data
Provides a comprehensive audit covering all manual or automated actions, such as ALERT or auto-repair rules etc. Audit reports can be exported as a PDF
Includes functionality for bulk imports and exports of data with configurable mapping to support different spreadsheet formats
Easily upload SSI related documents and link them to the iMeta SSI data
Allows users to create future dated SSIs, or amendments. When the effective date is reached, the SSI details will be  re-validated for publication to your settlement system(s)
Includes flexible framework for initial migration of SSI data from legacy systems into iMeta SSI. Also includes facilities to bulk load Omgeo ALERT data from their “DART” file format
Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, for user access management, and fine gain user access permissions to iMeta SSI’s functionality