Webinar: Client Onboarding and KYC; The Data Management Challenges, 21 June 2016 at 3pm London

(Southampton, June 20, 2016)


Ben Marsh, iMeta’s CEO, will join Macquarie Group’s Adam Fraser and Clarient Global LLC’s Matthew Stauffer, and A-Team Group’s Editor, Sarah Underwood, for a webinar on 21 June to discuss, “The Data Management Challenges of Client Onboarding and KYC.”

The panel will discuss industry progress when managing client onboarding and regulatory compliance, and how new approaches to technology can help firms reduce risks, costs, improve efficiency and customer service.

This webinar will cover: The current state of client onboarding and KYC, the ongoing data management challenges, best practice approaches, and the benefits and future developments of new technologies.

To register for this event visit http://resource.datamanagementreview.com/webinar-client-onboarding-kyc-june2016

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