Ben Marsh in Captivated Audience podcast

Ben Marsh discusses iMeta’s history and the holistic management of data for KYC and compliance in Captivated Audience podcast

Ben Marsh, iMeta CEO, talks to Samantha Sheen, MD of Ex Ante Advisory Ltd. and Marie Lundberg, founder and CEO of Acronym Consulting AB,  in a 2 part podcast.


In Part 1 he explains iMeta’s journey in data management, and how the software has been developed to cover all aspects of the client journey, from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

He demonstrates how the processing of customer records and KYC is not focused on process but on the holistic use of data.

This podcast covers:

  • The importance of re-using data correctly
  • How to consider all the interactions with that data
  • How data is a foundational to perpetual KYC reviews and eKYC

To learn more about the move from process-driven KYC and compliance to data-driven end-to-end client lifecycle management and compliance visit:


In Part 2 of the discussion Ben discusses the benefits of managed services, the future of eKYC, how iMeta is working with Invidem (Nordic KYC Utility), and the latest up and coming technologies.

Both podcasts are available to view now at: