Implementing iMeta KYC

will allow you to:

  • Enforce policies and maintain a complete and audited ‘Golden Copy’ of customer records, together with evidence to support your decisions
  • Onboard clients quickly, reduce manual effort and react to client changes via multiple integrated 3rd party data sources from entity data, sanctions, PEP, money laundering, negative media and ID verification
  • Validate and prove you have followed the necessary KYC procedures, and can show the level of risk a client poses, and provide reasons for approval or rejection, plus add and store relevant documentation
  • Leverage existing internal data on customer relationships to provide faster client onboarding and a joined up customer experience
  • Track cases and monitor status via transparent workflow
    management tools
  • React quickly and adapt to include changes in legislation
  • Comply and capture data relevant to ABC, LEI, AML, Sanctions,
    MIFID, and taxation legislation such as FATCA