iMeta KYC provides a number of key features to ensure all client internal obligations and legal regulations are met:

Initially configured with standard fields for KYC such as entity data and LEI, covering requirements for AML, FATCA, MiFID, and ABC. It is easily extensible to meet the changing legislative environment. Configured with any additional fields required for your risk policies and business needs
Integration with data providers such as C6 Intelligence Information Systems to perform PEP and Sanctions checks of Companies, Directors & Owners during the initial KYC process
Integration with data providers to monitor changes to PEP and Sanctions lists to perform ongoing screening of your data
Integration with commercial data providers such as Refinitiv, Dun & Bradstreet, Bureau Van Dijk Orbis and LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG, to source and validate legal entity data
Integration with commercial data providers in order to perform ID verification on individuals
Allows documents, external data screen shots and notes to be added to client records, and for them to be referenced against specific fields – ensuring evidence to support the status of a customer, the decision to onboard a customer, and the reason for the decision is immediately accessible
The workflow process is transparent and fully configurable so users can see the progress and status of work items as they move through the client onboarding process. Workflows are also available to manage rolling due diligence and data remediation projects
All data is validated against a centralised set of business rules with the system being pre-configured with a standard set; enforcing legislative and regulatory requirements.  Additional validation rules are configured to enforce your risk based policies and business rules
All user and external system interactions with iMeta KYC are captured on a comprehensive audit log for review by users with appropriate permission access. The database is open so management information can be generated in all areas of the KYC process
iMeta KYC provides standards based integration for the import and export of data from both internal and external sources; via Web Services and integration to ESB’s such as Tibco, IBM MQ and others