Use of a single system to onboard legal entities across the business provides improved visibility of the overall risk exposure and allows for better management of those risks
iMeta KYC is designed to support the requirements of both front and back office stakeholders, to ensure streamlined processes and handovers across the whole business
iMeta KYC contains full data audit of all business data and document evidence capabilities; such as screenshots, notes and complete documents. Immediately accessible evidence is available for review to support the customer status, the decision to onboard a customer, and the reasons for the decision
iMeta KYC can integrate with your internal systems and also with external data sources, to provide screening and ID vetting capabilities; allowing you to continue to work with your trusted data providers
Because the data is stored and updated in one place, it is designed to comply with your risk based obligations and has stringent validation and approval processes. The flexible data model and rules engine allows the system to be adapted to follow procedure on an ongoing basis
iMeta KYC comes pre-integrated with a number of approved data sources for quick set up and validation; reducing the manual effort required to on-board standard cases. Upon qualifying a client with simplified due diligence, you will be ready to trade within hours; delivering a significant competitive advantage over companies still using manual processes
Due diligence varies from business to business. iMeta KYC can be configured to fit your company specific risk based policies, offering diverse data requirements and due diligence levels; ensuring the correct and relevant checks have been put in place
All client data is stored in one place with automated update feeds from external sources such as sanctions; so there is one set of clean data at all times