iMeta KYC

Client Onboarding Software

How well do you know your customers?
iMeta KYC is a client onboarding and data management platform, developed for global financial institutions.  It provides a quick and efficient process for onboarding and auditing new and existing clients; ensuring that best practice, risk based policies are applied, which comply with current regulatory and legal obligations.

The regulatory environment is continually evolving. New demands are being placed on financial institutions to gather information, validate and provide checks on who their clients are, and to monitor risk and changes in client status on an ongoing basis. Regulators are taking an increasingly aggressive stance against firms who do not carry out and provide evidence of sufficient due diligence on their customers.

Completing KYC is usually a laborious, manual process. Ensuring ongoing updates, compliance and associated risk is also complex, as the status of client information is an ever changing, fluid process.

In today’s competitive market, the speed at which a new client can be onboarded is crucial to winning business and realising revenue. At the same time regulatory obligations must be met. Customers can become frustrated if they are asked to provide identity information more than once, and a poorly managed set up and approach can affect customer perception and relationships.

iMeta KYC is the answer: It provides an automated client onboarding and data management platform, which enables achievement of internal and external regulatory compliance, whilst saving time and reducing operational risk and cost.