iMeta Credit & Legal

Software to manage credit and legal workflows associated with onboarding Products, for both new and existing customers.

In order to manage the set up of trading relationships with customers from both a risk and regulatory perspective, it is necessary to: establish an understanding of the credit hierarchies that apply to the customer, record credit limits and make sure that the appropriate legal agreements are in place for the required product set. iMeta’s Credit & Legal module is designed to centralise this process and ensure it builds on your golden source of entity data; thus improving data quality throughout the organisation, whilst achieving compliance with all applicable regulations.

iMeta Credit & Legal software forms part of the iMeta CLM Platform, and when combined with our iMeta KYC and iMeta SSI modules, an end to end solution is realised. This gives financial institutions control and visibility into the set up and route to trade throughout the whole lifecycle. iMeta Credit & Legal is also available as a stand-alone module that can be quickly and easily integrated with your existing onboarding and KYC solutions.