The use of a single system to onboard legal entities and carry out credit and legal tasks provides improved visibility of your overall risk exposure, therefore allowing for better management of those risks
iMeta Credit & Legal offers flexibility for customisation in key areas; to import documentation, validate and process workflow – delivering immediate business benefits to the management of your entity data
Supporting a range of integration approaches means that iMeta Credit & Legal can be delivered using your existing infrastructure. The platform integrates with client onboarding, KYC and settlement systems, plus a variety of external data sources; therefore achieving automated straight-through processing
With iMeta as a central repository, the process for managing credit, legal, client onboarding and KYC is consolidated and simplified into a single location where you can manage all your data
Having a single tool to manage the validation of entity and client data and supporting data, ensures high quality, accurate data is achieved. iMeta consolidates validation rules into a single location, where legal and regulatory obligations can be met. With data quality improved, the time to react to changing market best practice is therefore reduced
Having legal and credit data in a single repository with other client and entity data ensures a ‘golden copy’ is maintained across all departments. This reduces the overheads of duplicate maintenance and repair; ensuring a single, up to date source can be viewed at all times across the organisation