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Are you looking for an end-to-end client lifecycle management platform to manage your client data and all the global regulations surrounding it?
If so then we can meet your needs with iMeta CLM
– it goes beyond simple client onboarding!





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Award Winning CLM Solution

Our award-winning software has been cleverly built from the ground up to automate and manage the whole client journey – from onboarding, through KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) compliance, to offboarding.

iMeta can manage all your client data and processes for multi-product and multi-jurisdiction client onboarding.

It will give you a complete, accurate, single view of your customer throughout the organisation, whilst making sure you remain compliant with increasing global KYC and regulatory requirements, – putting your customer first, at the heart of everything.

So why is good client lifecycle management so important?

Banks and other regulated organisations are being hit with increased global obligations. They need to accurately collect, process and evidence a mass of client and counterparty data and ensure they are meeting the complex demands of the regulators. Therefore, a client lifecycle management platform which covers all these areas is crucial.

If client data is not processed effectively, onboarding times slow and compliance problems increase. This impacts on time to revenue and affects the client’s experience with your organisation. Improved CLM speeds up onboarding, provides accurate client information and enables you to make quicker, better informed business decisions.

By automating your client data and streamlining your onboarding processes, you will be able to deliver faster, better customer service. This in turn will improve your relationships, increase loyalty and therefore your upsell and cross sell opportunites, and your customers will be less likely to take their business elsewhere.

There are so many benefits with using iMeta CLM such as;
easy customisation, ability to integrate with a variety of industry data vendors and internal systems, global coverage, and a transparent audit trail, to name a few.

Find out why iMeta achieved the highest score for Customer Satisfaction in the  Chartis RiskTech100® 2019

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