Northern Rock

iMeta’s secure online mortgage solution reduces cost through improved business process efficiencies.

With the help of iMeta, Northern Rock was able to launch its ‘offshore tracker online’ savings product in under four months.

Northern Rock needed its solution to be established and secure, to be launched quickly, and to be flexible enough to provide a system designed specifically for its products and customers.

Using our metaCore tool, we developed an innovative solution that delivers a proven and robust platform with full online banking facilities, and the flexibility to provide a system completely tailored to the customer’s needs.

This uniquely positioned iMeta to turn around Northern Rock’s solution with low risk, and enabled Northern Rock to launch an account in under four month.

Northern Rock wanted to equip their intermediaries with an online mortgage point of sale and tracking system that would simplify and speed up the mortgage approval process, reduce the need for paper-based applications and increase customer satisfaction.

The success of this system is highlighted by the fact that it is now Northern Rock’s primary distribution channel for new business. The system enables Northern Rock to control costs and exchange high quality information in a timely manner, which ultimately benefits the consumer and its stakeholders including intermediaries, shareholders, and employees.