• The New Managed KYC Service

    We are very encouraged by the response to our recent announcement of the Lysis CLM managed service powered by iMeta http://www.imeta.com/press/lysis-launches-new-onboarding-kyc-clm-managed-service-powered-by-imeta/. The number of people who have reached out to our firms is a clear indication of the urgent need for this type of specialist service. During our many conversations with clients and other industry participants,...

  • CLM - Is Yours Half-Baked?

        Instructions Gather your ingredients... Preheat the oven… Grease a cake tin... Cream the butter and sugar... Beat in the eggs and vanilla... Fold in the flour... Divide the mixture into the cake tins... Bake for 25 minutes... When put like this it sounds simple, straightforward and achievable. However, as any aspiring baker will know, it is often...

  • Don’t’ Get Lost in La La Land

      Don’t’ Get Lost in La La Land - Ensure Your KYC and AML Policies and Operations A few weeks ago, at the 89th Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars), long established but uncontrolled processes led to the wrong information being used for a critical decision. This mistake caused a disaster; resulting in significant loss of reputation...



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