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Client Lifecycle Management – Is Yours Half-Baked?

    Instructions Gather your ingredients… Preheat the oven… Grease a cake tin… Cream the butter and sugar… Beat in the eggs and vanilla… Fold in the flour… Divide the mixture into the cake tins… Bake for 25 minutes… When put like this it sounds simple, straightforward and achievable. However,
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Data Lineage

Last month I attended a Client Data Management working group where much of the discussion, prompted by the data quality framework requirements of BCBS 239, was focussed on data quality, data lakes and data provenance or lineage. The BCBS 239 guidelines on data-quality frameworks notes that banks must establish data-quality
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Data Connectivity and Integration

In an age where it is imperative that firms have access to trusted data for use in their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes, the ability to use data integrated directly into your workflows will allow you to: Create speedy and accurate compliance decisions Automate data
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